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Annual Maintenance Contract - AMC

Website maintenance is must, Once you have your Website designed and hosted, you will need to maintain it on regular basis. As your business grows and evolves, your website requires routine updates to keep your content fresh and your visitors engaged. Website maintenance is vital in effectively communicating your brand and providing the best possible user experience. Being a dedicated website maintenance company in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India. we take care of files and data backup on regular intervals to avoid emergencies and unusual occurrences. This secure backups ensure the business continuity.

At DGBITS, We believe that making a web site is not a onetime affair, it's a lifelong commitment. A website should be regularly updated with the latest about your company, brand, products & Services, News, Events, Awards, Locations & Contacts and anything else that might be relevant, geared to generate the maximum returns from your website.

Why Maintenance Contract is Essential for large websites & web applications ?

Content management system (CMS) or headless CMS like Directus or Strapi or wordpress CMS are easier to add, edit and refine content on your website. The ability to add content easily / quickly and to manage content regularly is essential for any professional website. All CMS based websites need a regular back-end management support to achieve best performance.

Similar to anti-virus software updates, CMS updates are provided regularly for good reason. When it comes to online security, everything on the internet can become vulnerable with time and hackers are always search new holes and finding new ways to exploit the back end of cms based websites.

Outdated version of Open Source CMS software is especially prone for attacks, loop holes in old coding, free plugins and outdated scripts in CMS let hackers to exploit for their own gain. To effectively manage CMS based website, it’s important to have a AMC plan in place with DGBITS this ensure your CMS is regularly updated for better performance and to tighten the security of your website.

To make your website bug free, we do regular bug fixes, website health checkups, and improvements. Our dedicated team takes care of any issue that arises through third-party plugins or by the core itself. Your issue would be resolved at the highest priority.

DGBITS support team will ensure you to continue and add content in your website with confidence. Regularly updating the CMS software patches as it becomes available will ensure you have the peace of mind. When it comes to online security, peace of mind is something that’s always worth having.

DGBITS specialists offering support and maintenance services to make website available to the online world and get it updated and running smoothly. Moreover, our solutions are cost-effective and provide value to your money with the highest level of accuracy in our services. Website maintenance ensures the website stays fresh and updated to visitors visiting your site. Such sites are able to get more traffic and hence establish a good communication with your potential clients and other members.

There are three kinds of web application maintenance those errands to zero in on. These are:

1. Security support: Security is the main justification for web application support. Programmers are continuously looking for ways of attempting and breaking into an organization’s site. Particularly are the ones that are applications with admittance to client subtleties and monetary data. Your security should be more tight than tight. Normal support checks will uncover weaknesses and permit you to fix them before they’re found by any other person.

2. Preventive maintenance: The maintenance of web application must be carried out in regular intervals in order to check for the system faults and to make sure that any feature updates are needed. This can be performed based on the time, finding the faults, managing risks, other conditions and based upon the predictions.

3. Corrective maintenance: The corrective maintenance is majorly carried out to solve the business fallouts. This may be of deferred type or the emergency type as it is based on the criticality and the time taken to solve the failures. When you are making any custom web application, these kinds of scenarios can be expected.

Web Maintenance Services

All you need to keep your website 100% Secure and updated.

Performance Checkup

Our intensive maintenance checklist ensures your website performs at its best. All the performance monitoring activities are scheduled through our automated CRM system. You will get a detailed reports on a monthly basis.

Functionality Checkup

We check whether all forms are working properly and whether inquiry emails are getting received. We also check for any broken links on the website and rectify it. Broken links are a bad sign for SEO, hence it helps to keep your SEO health score high.

Fixes and Enhancements

To make your website bug free, we do regular bug fixes, website health checkups, and improvements. Our dedicated team takes care of any issue that arises through third-party plugins or by the core itself. Your issue would be resolved at the highest priority.

Mobile & Browser Optimization

We guarantee that you won't be penalized for not having a fully responsive website. If a section is not responsive, we address it with permanent fix.

We Have Affordable Plans For You!

These plans help to maintain fresh content in your website. our goal is to continually communicate information to your target audience. Website content needs to include well-written text and lots of interactive elements. We will train your staff to monitor critical and minor changes in website.
Small Website
  • Month-wise Annual Traffic Report
  • Emergency Updates
  • 10 Full Page Content Refreshes
  • 20 Minor Text Modifications
  • Free Website Backup
Large Website
  • Month-wise Annual Traffic Report
  • 50 Photo / Video Updates
  • 20 Full Page Content Refreshes
  • 50 Minor Text Modifications
  • Free Website Backup
Web App / Mobile Apps
  • On Request Traffic Report
  • Unlimited Photo,Video, Event Updates
  • SSL, Site Lock, Github Monitoring
  • Unlimited Modifications
  • App Tuning & Monitoring

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