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Hybrid Mobile App Development

Mobile devices, especially Smartphones, are personal and intimate devices which in most of the cases are with the users 24X7 and not more than 1 meter away. More than 50% of internet users access internet through their mobile phones. We help enterprises adopt best practices and processes for mobile applications. We build proof-of-concepts around emerging technologies and collaborate with enterprises to align specific to business needs. In the age of smart phones - Apple iPhone and Google Android, DGBITS offers wide range of mobility services and solutions. It goes beyond just the mobile apps development to Mobile First strategy for your business.

You may have an idea for the next Mobile app & we will help you transform your idea into reality. Whether your app is targeted to consumer market or enterprise, we have the expertise to build quality-rich Mobile apps at a competitive price for both Andriod & IOS.

Hybrid app development is the development of one single application on one codebase, that can run on multiple operating systems. Typical Hybrid Apps run across Windows, iOS and Android devices. The most interesting thing about the hybrid App development is the time and cost efficiency generated by using a single codebase. About 80 % of the codebase can be reused for other operating systems, while the other 20 % are usually specific to each operating system.

Notwithstanding that Hybrid Apps are developed on web technologies, they can provide similar UI/UX as native apps, and moreover have equal capabilities to work across several platforms. They allow developers to write only one code base that can be applied to all operating systems, which is very cost-effective.

How do Hybrid Apps work?

As you can see from the name, hybrid apps are a mix of two different applications - native apps and web apps. As a rule, technologies such as CSS, HTML or JavaScript are used. These can be combined with open source components of frameworks like React Native or Flutter can be integrated into a native application. These technologies allow hybrid apps to run through each of the platforms‘ implemented browser, which offers the possibility to be installed on mobile apps and therefore implemented into the Play Store or AppStore.

Mobility solutions to Increase productivity and efficiency.

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