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Manage and organize your contacts in one powerful, easy-to-use database

Stacks of business cards? Spreadsheets that aren't in order? Unorganized LinkedIn connections? Stop managing your relationships in silos. SwiftCRM is simple to learn and allows you to track every detail of your business relationships in one place. Manage your entire sales pipeline as well as organise and respond to all customer support issues with the same tool, including Quick Estimates and detailed Invoices with Payment Gateway.

What is CRM?

CRM stands for customer relationship management. This technology is used by any size firm or organisation, large or small, to support and maintain client connections. CRM technology may improve all elements of the customer lifecycle, including marketing, sales, commerce, support, and IT. B2B companies use it in a range of areas, including high tech, manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, and others. It is also used by B2C companies in consumer goods and retail.

A CRM system enables businesses to manage customer and prospect relationships through the use of data. Customer and prospect information, such as contact and account information, sales opportunities, service cases, and marketing campaigns, can be stored, tracked, and analysed in a single location. Organizations with data in one central location have a complete picture of customers and prospects that can be shared and analysed in real time by teams across the company.

Connect with SwiftCRM to convert visitors in real time using live chat, and use chatbots to scale your one-on-one chat conversations. With free form tools that convert visitors into qualified leads, you can attract more visitors to your site and grow your database. SwiftCRM will automatically organise, enrich, and track each contact in a short period of time.

Using SwiftCRM to handle contacts and sales activities will enhance win rates by 76%, sales productivity by 66%, and revenue by 70%. Find out how SwiftCRM is dedicated to your success. Discover how we can support your growth by helping you attract, retain, and win consumers.

Key Features

  • Schedule Calls and Meetings
  • Create tasks for Companies/Contacts
  • Add multiple contacts
  • Add multiple companies
  • Add notes/descriptions to Companies/Contacts
  • Generate Activity and Growth reports
  • View detailed Activity logs
  • Send custom emails
  • Open, Win, and Close deals
  • Connect invoices to deals


Add unlimited contacts to your CRM with detailed information, including company, currency, acquisition stage, and contact owner. You can define acquisition sources for each contact to get insights into which marketing efforts/platforms yield the best result.

Generate Invoices

Connect invoices to contacts in your CRM and easily reconcile transactions for accurate accounting. Contacts created in CRM are auto-synced with your customer data, easing your process of generating invoices for every closed deal in your CRM pipeline.


Generate reports that provide insights into the performance of your customer acquisition efforts. See a breakdown of leads, opportunities, and subscribers acquired within a financial year and develop strategies to improve them accordingly.

Activity Log

Keep tabs on every company/customer interaction to gain insight into the time spent managing contacts or moving them from one acquisition stage to another. See daily logs of activities, such as call/meeting schedules, notes, emails, deals, and tasks.


Open deals and track every step of the customer journey from the proposal to the winning stage. You can customize your pipeline stages, create new ones, and filter based on status - Open, Won, Lost, or Deleted.

Enquire about CRM's capabilities. Simplify your client relationship management.

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