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These days, nobody want to ignore Email Marketing. Gmail has 1 billion email users. Well, 75% of Gmail users use mobile devices. Deals and discounts are important for driving sales, so where do consumers go to look for them? When people want to find a special deal, email is the go-to channel. 66% of consumers state that they have made a purchase as the result of a marketing message they received by email. Consumers are fine with receiving your promotional emails, and they interested to find new deals in their inbox.

Email marketing is a classic and effective way to engage your customers and get best conversions. It allows you to create a personal voice for your existing customer base, the people who have already expressed an interest in purchasing from your business. Email Marketing, you can can track precisely how many clients are actually opening your email. A success email campaign can take time to build, but that’s true with any good Email Marketing plan.

In order to improve your conversions and click-through rates, we optimize emails with fluid layout which is easily fits on mobile devices. Otherwise, many users won’t be able to interact with your Email Marketing Messages and will either delete or unsubscribe. If you optimize your Email Marketing for mobile, this will improve opportunity to steal customers from other competitors. DGBITS design team creates persuasive and informative custom emails to enhance your business brand & identity.

DGBITS Newletter & email marketing experts take your existing customer lists and craft messaging that improves your brand image. Unlike other competitors our approach is unique, For every E-mail or Newsletter Message we give you bespoken content that connect users to your business.

We all believe sending emails is easy task, but in reality effective email marketing is complex job. DGBITS handle everything from list creation, uploading, scheduling and managing lists. All these important aspects of email marketing we will monitor with our smart tracking software. We use powerful tracking and reporting tools before sending the email and after. We ensure coding and design are optimized for mobile & other smart devices. Also we take extra care to deal with ISP compliance and SPAM filters before sending emails. Our reporting software tracks how many people received it, opened it, clicked it and much more.

Start an email newsletter

Ask new and existing clients if you could email them a weekly newsletter with useful information on topics like branding, paid acquisition, SEO, social media marketing and public relations. Grow your reach by asking people on your email list to share the newsletter with friends and family if they find it useful. Send out surveys that help you home in on the topics your subscribers care most about. By Adding a newsletter signup pop-up or call-to-action on your website homepage.

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