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If you are a small business owner, or an online retailer, or a large corporate, then you will agree that the purpose of your website is to build credibility, drive more website visitors and convert them to purchasers for your business. A unique website attracts more traffic than any ordinary website. Fascinating content convey the right message of your organization to your customers in a way easy to comprehend and understand.

Web design needs invincible passion and creativity in order to stand out in the crowd. And our large experience & expertise has given us the insight on what works the best. Through Responsive web design, Interactive design, User interface design and User experience design, we convey the right message to your targeted audience. We define or redefine your branding to match your vision and to achieve goals. Discovering and delivering with our innovative ideas is a continuous quest we thrive for to execute our clients’ needs and thereby create the brand they wish for.

Imagine having a website that makes you stand out in the crowd, With easy to navigate and responsive on all devices. Picture your potential customers searching for a keyword in your industry and seeing your business come up on the first page of Google. Enjoy the feeling of attracting more & more visitors to your website and watching them converted to valid sales leads for your business. Now to brings this into reality needs lot of expertise in design trends and smart domain experience, with over 17 plus years of experience we at DGBITS Know How To Achieve IT.

Responsive Web Design Service

At DGBITS the trendy Responsive web design services company Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India offering the innovative solutions in making the website effective and easy to use on any device. Responsive design ensures that there is no need for any additional design or enhancement when a new smart device arrives in the market.

Responsive web design solutions which make websites and applications smart enough to resize and adapt its content on the basis of the screen size of the device. Thus increasing the development speed, makes project easy to manage and increases the usability. Responsive Web Design provides an optimal user experience on all kinds and sizes of devices from large screen desktops to small smartphones. So if you have substantial mobile traffic on your website or are looking to market to mobile web users, then a responsive site is a must and can definitely help give a good first impression of your company.

What is mobile-first design?

Designing with a mobile-first approach makes the most of what a mobile device has to offer by going against the traditional direction of web design.

Before mobile became the dominant way folks interacted with the internet, designers generally worked large to small; desktop to tablet to smartphone. Hardly surprising, given that the desktop long preceded the mobile phone and the iPhone didn’t debut until 2007.

Nowadays, given the current ubiquity of smartphones, designers generally work small to large; starting from the pocket-sized screen and scaling up from there.

This approach forces designers to work with the most limited real estate first, on the screen size users will likely use most. Instead of paring down a desktop design to fit a mobile device, mobile-first designs are optimized for mobile devices and then expanded for desktop.

As a result, mobile-first design is the right approach for most software and web experiences today.

We Have Affordable Website Design Plans For You!

Pricing is a crucial factor for quality design, We employ best web experience for your business to reach the target users. The website design cost offered by us is very competitive and encapsulates our high-quality design services.
Small Website
  • 10 Pages
  • 2 Web Forms
  • 3 Page Layouts
  • Live Chat & SEO
  • Online Payment Link Setup
  • Astrojs / Bootstrap5
Large Website
  • 20 Pages
  • 3 Web Forms
  • 5 Page Layouts
  • Live Chat & SEO
  • Online Payment Link Setup
  • Astrojs / Next JS
CMS Website
  • 50 Pages
  • 5 Web Forms
  • 5 Page Layouts
  • Live Chat & SEO
  • Online Payment Integration
  • Laravel / Strapi

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