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Smart CMS

A CMS, or 'Content Management System,' allows you to control and manage the content of your website without any technical knowledge. Using this CMS, you can easily add, delete, and edit images and text on your website. In addition, you can have an unlimited number of pages, galleries, events, project or product pages, blog posts, and a simple site search. What makes Modular CMS stand out? The built-in mechanism for Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization. When you create a webpage, you can easily share it with your audience via your social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, and so on). Social Sharing is a key feature of our Modular CMS and an important success factor for your website. So with our Modular CMS highly professional web site at a very reasonable price indeed!

Smart CMS is our proprietary CMS that is built on Laravel and Mysql. The beauty of this CMS is that it is easily adaptable to any design. We cleverly used the Route technique so that it can be used with any JS framework (Angular, React JS, Astro JS) or with simple Jquery and Handle bars or Mustache JS. For the website's front-end, we're using the Laravel Blade template. So you can choose any favourite HTML5 layout and simply define regions to use it as a website template in a matter of minutes.

We've been using CMS tools like Joomla, Drupal, and Wordpress since 2003. With that knowledge, we created this richly featured Smart CMS. It is simple to create templates, quick to work with multiple content types, and robust to maintain websites as they grow in size. In a nutshell, it's a mash-up of the best features from the top three CMS tools that we've liked so far. We have the necessary expertise and vision to move this forward. We are pleased to introduce Smart CMS via DGBITS. It is the culmination of 5 years of hard work and 20 years of CMS expertise.

Laravel based Website Development

We keep ahead of the competition by developing custom Laravel Websites that set new records of profitability. We can build custom features into your website using Laravel or help create a custom web site using Laravel based CMS.

Headless CMS

Headless CMSs are best suited for businesses that need a content management system that is highly customizable and easily managed but don't necessarily need a front-end website. This includes businesses in the media, entertainment, publishing, and eCommerce industries, as well as companies that need to manage a lot of content for internal processes. Businesses in these industries can benefit from the scalability, flexibility, and efficiency that headless CMSs provide. A headless CMS is a powerful and flexible way to manage content. It allows for faster editing experiences and the ability to manage content across multiple channels. It offers developers the flexibility to choose their own frontend tooling and makes it easier to scale. In addition, headless CMS also offers enhanced security by separating content from the presentation layer.

The DGBITS support team will ensure you can continue to add content to your website with confidence. Regularly updating the CMS software with patches as they become available will ensure you have peace of mind. When it comes to online security, peace of mind is something that’s always worth having.

Strapi As Headless CMS

Most corporate sites have been built using a traditional CMS like WordPress or Drupal. These CMSs can be seen as “monolithic” as the front-end and back-end are packed into one system. Headless CMSs like Strapi allow you to decouple the two and give you the freedom to choose however you want to build your front-end. Creating a site with pages for blogs, projects, case studies, and other content requires not only the database but also a system to easily create and manage it. Strapi handles all of that for you.

DGBITS specialists offer support and maintenance services to make websites available to the online world and get them updated and running smoothly. Moreover, our solutions are cost-effective and provide value for your money, with the highest level of accuracy in our services. Website maintenance ensures the website stays fresh and updated for visitors visiting your site. Such sites are able to get more traffic and hence establish good communication with your potential clients and other members.

Why Headless CMS

While it may sound intimidating at first, understanding headless CMS is actually quite straightforward. A headless CMS consists of an API and back-end technology that stores and delivers content to your desired front end, which is most likely not going to be apparent to the end-user. The difference between a headless CMS and a traditional CMS is only visible on the back end of the site. This means that storage and delivery are managed by separate software. With dedicated tools for, on the one hand, authoring and organizing data, and on the other, and presenting users with that data, each part of the system can focus on its specialty, and your workflow can become more streamlined.

A headless CMS does not have a defined front-end system or presentation environment. By separating content production, management and storage from distribution and display, headless increases flexibility and security of your content.

Choosing between headless and traditional CMS is more than just a matter of using the most cutting-edge or latest technology. It is critical to consider and evaluate not only the type of content, but also internal staff, agency involvement, and whoever will be maintaining the web property, delivery methods, and long-term maintenance.

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