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About Client

Nextbell offers basic software courses to state-of-the-art technologies and platforms. Our courses are developed with a range of curriculum for students with diverse requirements who are seeking to develop a competitive edge and learn the job oriented computer courses. Our trainings – classroom, online & corporate – provides the best and efficient training solutions catering to the needs of students / employees / individuals through professional IT training delivery with consistency.

How We Helped

We worked closely with Nextbell to brainstorm on the best user experience and developed a no frills Web application. The web service allows students to enroll in new batches of their computer course and get start in minutes.

We designed Web Application using the Mobile First technique and progressive enhancement, which make it accessible to a wide range of users. Currently it supports all tablets, desktops, Laptops and mobile smart phones.

Congratulations to Nextbell Technologies on their new Web Application. The application does a great job in promoting the Courses & Batch details to their global audience.

Skills and Technologies:

Responsive Web design, Laravel, jquery, SEO, Content, Bootstrap5


Nextbell Technologies Website Page Views:

Home page
about page
enroll page
Course page
manage-admin page
Contact page
Manage Enrollment requests page
login page

At DGBITS Software Private Limited , WE LOVE WHAT WE DO. WE ARE VERY PASSIONATE. WE ARE VERY CREATIVE. Our team have a strong background as designers and engineers and our industry experience brings our work to a different level. We focus on developing solutions that leads digital transformation for Startups & MSMEs.

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