School Management to manage the entire campus Operations and Administration

Imagine if you could be in sync with your kid’s life through constant notifications, where you know in advance what’s coming, so that you can prepare well before. It’s a world where you would know, when to pick your kid from bus stop, which stationary to get for the next school project, next fee submission date, parent teacher meeting dates and most importantly detailed insights of your kid’s performance. Imagine the time which you can save through these small though important alerts.

DGBITS has developed the perfect online platform for matrimonial agencies to get online with business weeks of time only. In today’s world, tight schedules and long working hours leaves very less time for parents to personally involve in there kid’s daily life, which leads to burnouts and loads of stress for them.

We present you, DGBITS School Management Application, a platform, which provides you a complete solution for your entire requirement such as Attendance monitoring, Home work notifications, Fee reminders, Notification/Notice circulation, E-Content, Performance updates and lot more.

Our reliability comes from the immeasurable trust of hundreds of school administrators since 7 years of continuous pure excellence.

On the other hand, our add on modules helps the School Administrators and teachers with better management process and thus improving the overall efficiency.

Benefits of the school management software include easy access to documents; can manage the full school system. The key features of the great school management system software are the management of Admission process, Homework up gradation, Schedule of time-tables, Support both English and Hindi, Transportation facility, Fee management, Library management and exam data record.

  • Subject wise Attendance
  • Day wise/Repeat attendance
  • Quick attendance
  • Daily/Monthly/yearly attendance reports
  • Cumulative attendance
  • Percentage attendance
  • SMS alert to absentees

FAQ about School App Development

What is DG BITS School App?

DG BITS School App is an all-in-one school management system, which can be used to manage administrative and academic activities such as online admission management, grade book, bulk data management, transportation, library, course and batches, student attendance, assignments, fees, employee’s payroll, examination, communication and much more.

Does DG School App provide data backup facility?

Yes, DG School App provides data backup storage facility. Hassle-free customers can easily retrieve their data.

What measures do we take for data security?

Keeping the school data safe and secure is the topmost priority of DG School App. We offer full privacy to school data as per industry standard. The data remain fully encrypted when it has stored in DG School App system.

Will I be bound to any long-term contract?

No, you will not be bound to any long-term contract with DG School App as we charge only on an installment basis for the Academic year. However, once the payment has made, you will not be provided with a refund option.

Can I try DG School App before buying it?

Definitely, you can try a free demo trial to get a deeper understanding of all DG School App features. Our demo is free for 14 days. Try today!

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