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Sree Parivaar means ‘Family of Prosperity’. The mission of Sree Parivaar is – To create a Universal Family (Vasudhaika Kutumbakam) in which every individual lives with richness, fullness, love and joy. The organization was started by its founder, Prof. M.S.Rao Guruji, on the day of Guru Poornima in the month of July, 1999 with its first yoga training camp, "Sree Parivaar Yoga Sadhana Shibiram", at Hanamkonda city. Later a Charitable Trust was registered on the name of "SREE PARIVAAR" in the month of December, 1999. Since then the organization is successfully marching towards its goal.

How We Helped

The website is mainly a marketing piece to help people find more information about SREE PARIVAAR. Each page gets a nice write-up and is presented in a soft manner. I was also able to bring in Guruji profile and all great photos for gallery.

Based on the client's design style preferences and what appealed to their target audience, we created a modern, simple layout and font combination. We have been with the client in every step of the way on their journey from year 2008 to now.

Skills and Technologies:

LOGO, SocialCMS, Bootstrap 3, Jquery, Html5, CSS3

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Sree Parivaar Home Page

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Sree Parivaar About Page


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