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Empower your workforce with the power of mobility and provide security for corporate data

Enterprise Mobility

Mobility has empowered knowledge workers with the freedom to be productive regardless of where they are physically located. Whether they are on the corporate campus or out with a client, these enterprise users can stay connected with always-on access to data through a single device that can go anywhere in the world. Mobility has changed the nature of how people work and holds the potential to be a powerful driver for improved business outcomes.

DGBITS tailor mobility solutions to cater the needs of cutting edge organisations by reducing complexities in the rapid changing technologies and demands.

Our Engineering & Embedded Service offerings provide an intuitive, secure, device agnostic application that integrates seamlessly within the organization’s existing IT infrastructure, and with corporate-liable and individual-liable devices. With deep experience in executing innovative and large-scale mobile projects, we know mobility and have extensive expertise in addressing mobile security issues and controls around Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Content Management (MCM).

  • We partner with businesses to assist them develop Enterprise Mobility as a practice
  • Keep employees connected and able to work anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Security at every layer for complete protection of your corporate data

Key Benefits of Enterprise Mobility
  • Device sharing and data accuracy
  • Process efficiency and reduced costs
  • Enhanced employee productivity

Enhanced mobile device and data security

Manage and protect mobile devices, network and data resource access seamlessly. Employee crucial mobile security management features with that you can enforce stringent security policies at various levels to meet your business security needs.

DGBITS allows admins to easily and intelligently set up policies allowing your users to stay productive, safe and compliant, while decreasing usage costs for the business. Our security solutions immediately detect and block threats, To stop users from accessing non compliant sites such as adult content or gambling, and switch of non business related apps if an employee is nearing their data usage limit.

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Mobility solutions to Increase productivity and efficiency with data security

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